Katie Holloman


I grew up in Westminster, Colorado, where I still call home.  My love for photography and travel go hand in hand. My first trip abroad was a solo five-week backpacking trip to Europe.  From there, I spent over two years teaching English abroad in South Korea, as well as living in Germany on and off for a year. During this time, I also made trips to many different international locations, taking my camera with me along the way to over 40 countries, six continents and over 90 cities so far. 

I have experience in classic darkroom photography from a summer program when I was 13 at Dawson Alexander School, which started the ball rolling.  I also took darkroom photography classes both in high school and then in college, where I volunteered for the University of Colorado Boulder's dark room.  I am an amateur, purist and self-taught digital photographer currently.

I live to travel and travel to find that moment when I’m standing alone in a foreign country, the lighting is just right, a local steps in the exact right spot and sound and time stand still for one photo.  There may only be that one photo out of a thousand, but when I can feel immersed in that moment, emotion, culture, etc., I know that that’s “the shot”.  I like real photos of real people and places, unedited, unbiased, and gloriously “perfect” just as it was being there. 

I started painting in 2005 as a broke college student that needed to make a cheap gift for a friend’s apartment warming party.  From that, I have painted on and off over the years in self-taught abstract painting with mixed media on canvas: acrylic, oil, spray paint and various objects such as: mirrors, nails, photos, writings, dried plants, jewelry and more.  I like to call this form of painting "Industrial Abstract Found Art".

My art is for whomever can find enjoyment from it.  I hope you do!